Icebox began in 2009 as one couple, Tasha Alison and Steve Fountain, with a passion for teaching people how to make healthier food choices and minimize food waste. They developed and implemented food preparation and preservation classes, field trips and camps for schoolchildren, food loss prevention programs and humane/sustainable livestock and agriculture awareness workshops held at local farms and churches. 

In 2013, Icebox Ministries incorporated as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with this mission: to help individuals, families and communities become more sustainable and productive through hands-on workshops and classes. Since the acquisition of our Harrisburg property in 2015 (which includes a teaching kitchen, event and classroom space, intern housing, an urban garden, and greenhouse), we’ve increased cooperation with other local organizations to expand the classes we offer, and provide event space to host community-building events, contributing to the revival of one of Augusta’s oldest neighborhoods. Class and event fees are nominal and include scholarship opportunities for low-income participants.

teaching kitchen pic


Our classroom and teaching kitchen are affectionately known as “Vera Delle’s,” named after Tasha’s inspiring maternal grandmother. 

Our teaching kitchen provides a space that is similar to our participants’ home kitchens, with an electric stove, refrigerator, microwave and a well-stocked pantry and chest freezers. It supports our educational efforts and helps students learn what they are capable of in their own home kitchens.



Our classroom has been recently renovated, and provides an educational space for about 20-30 students. Our classroom has hosted our FVRx classes, community meals, Icebox Forum, and many other individual workshops. 

We're presently building a culinary reference library in our classroom that will be used by the community.  If you'd like to donate a book or two, please see our book wishlist. Multiple copies are welcome. For a link to our book wishlist, please click here

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In partnership with Augusta Locally Grown, our Teaching Garden is being built with kids in mind, but it’s a place for everyone! Contained within the grounds of our Harrisburg campus, our Teaching Garden contains many raised beds, where we cultivate seasonal edibles, a compost area, a chicken coop and run, and our “Bee School,” an interactive pollination education station. In the future, we’ll expand to include aquaponics and other fun and informative workspaces where the community can learn about sustainable urban agriculture!