The Second Sunday Workshops began as a program in cooperation with St Luke United Methodist Church, who was sponsoring Harrisburg students to attend CH Terrell Academy. However, they had to forgo their free government-sponsored school lunch program in order to attend this alternative school.  Icebox Ministries stepped in & created a program that not only provided frugal, healthy, locally grown meals, but also taught the students how to make and prepare them once a month (for the entire month) and to serve them at the school daily.  

Since then, however, Second Sunday has grown to include the preparation of  healthy meals for other school kids, as well as working with new mothers, teaching infant nutrition & how to make homemade baby food. Second Sunday also brings other community members together to learn how to prepare meals and preserve the harvest in order to reduce food waste and reduce food costs. The scope of the Second Sunday workshops continues to expand to meet the needs of the community!

If you know someone who could benefit from these workshops or if you feel led to be involved, please contact us.